In the Sunset –A Poem

Desert, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

She found him in the sunset

After all was said and done.

After all the roughness in the land

Had been smoothed out by his gun.

She found him in the sunset,

After watching for a time

As her stoic hero’s silhouette

Whimpered in the shine.

Bright the sun that held him close.

And tired her sun-drunk eyes

As she pieced together drowned out glimpses

Of her hero against the sky.

She followed like a child the form

In whose figure was contained

The secret of the tale in which

Her desert wild was justly tamed.

She came up from behind him slow,

As does yesterday to the mind

Of sorry men who cannot leave

Its love or terror far behind.

But when he turned to face her,

And she saw his milky eyes,

She wept and silent trembled,

At her hero’s sightless guise.

His face was raw and red and torn.

His hair was grey and wild.

A hunched and hapless beggar

Whom the harsh world had beguiled.

He wore the sunset like a mask,

That had by painful growth appeared

And stained his late and handsome face

As soon as he from sight was cleared.

She asked after her hero’s name.

Her hero, silent, bowed his head.

And when she saw him weeping thus,

She walked in sorrow home and said:

“I found him in the sunset

Where he had been undone

By all the roughness in our hearts

And the barrel of his gun.

I found him in the sunset

Where he had been made blind,

And where he lives within the

Darkness of his lonely mind.

I found him in the sunset,

Where naught at all was right,

And what I found I lost unto

The cold and falling night.”

 *       *       *

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