‘Gone Fishing’ — And a List of Promises

Fly fishing, South Platte River, ColoradoSummer is here, which means that I will not be. There will be times that I will have an internet connection, but most of the time I won’t. So, My activity on WordPress will be sporadic. I will try my best to keep it weekly.

While I am gone, I will be writing and taking photographs –hopefully building up an arsenal of interesting (or at least pretty) posts for when I return.

I realize that after the last couple of weeks of irregular posting, this might cause a few of you to go elsewhere for your reading pleasure. That is fine (It is not fine) –I wish you the best (I do not). As incentive not to leave me all alone in cyberspace, I am going to tell you what you might expect from this summer. This is also a list to keep myself in check.

1.) Stunning night-sky photographs over the desert, with spires shaped like goblins in the foreground.

2.) The northern-lights, captured in stills and(if I can figure it out) a time-lapse video.

3.) A spam poem about love.

4.) I will write a true story about almost dying. Well, first I will almost die –then I will write a story about it. (No, this almost-death will not be intentional, just basing this promise off of a pattern).

5.) A post about the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, which if you remember from an earlier post –is heaven on earth. Maybe there will be a picture of a moose, maybe even a recording of one sneezing. I doubt it. I have only ever once heard a moose sneeze. It sounded exactly like a stunted roar of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

6.) More and better slot canyon photos.

7.) 3 incredible short stories.

8.) 1 hilarious list of something.

9.) Storm clouds like you’ve never seen.

10.) An excerpt from my novel, which I always have more success on over the summer holidays.

So, stay tuned, or –if you don’t –no hard feelings (I’ll cry and struggle with confused feelings of abandonment and hatred).