Unexpected Blogging Break

Hi everyone,

The end of the school year is a hectic time for teachers (as many of you know), and I fear I have neglected the blog for some time now. I am writing to assure you all that I have not disappeared or quit! Only that free time is hard to come by at present. I am sorry for not visiting your sites, and sorry for not posting on my own. It will probably be this way for the rest of the week, but I am looking forward to writing again soon.

Until then –and this is mostly for anyone who has just stumbled upon this post –here is a reading list from yours truly, generated mostly at random as I scroll down the link options(with a few author’s choices).


Delta Orinoco – Beautiful place.

Angel Falls – Also a beautiful place.

Thirsty in the Canyonlands – This too is a beautiful place.

The Great Sand Dunes —  There is a timelapse video with this one.


The Shadow and the Patriot — a very short story.

A Vision of the Apocalypse — Not sure what this is, but there is a strange timelapse project with it.

All the Little Suns (Part I) (Part II) – slightly longer short stories.

Unfinished Project (Part I) (Part II)– short excerpt from an apocalyptic tale.


On Memory and Innocence

On Simulation and Reality

On What it Means to be an Individual

On The Present Day Frontier

On Cyborgs (Part I) (Part II) (Part III)

I know this seems very lazy of me, and I apologize, but I actually meant to do this earlier. After getting freshly pressed, there was a bunch of new followers that I would have liked to direct to some older posts. So, new followers, if you are still there, consider yourselves directed. I do very much hope that you enjoy!