In the Sunset –A Poem

She found him in the sunset After all was said and done. After all the roughness in the land Had been smoothed out by his gun. She found him in the sunset, After… Continue reading

The Lights that Don’t Come Back — A Short Story

The child was wrapped in dirty cloth. He watched his hands move before him as if they were not his own. His father held him close, rocking slowly, whistling a calm breeze over… Continue reading

The Art of Fiction and the Necessary Limits of Paradise

  When we hunch over a page to write fiction –we are all of us creating paradise. This happens regardless of subject matter, of tone, of intent. It doesn’t matter if we are… Continue reading

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness –despite its cumbersome name –is one of the most beautiful places in America. This is not a matter of opinion.   1,090,000 acres of lake after lake… Continue reading

Why Kittens Rule the Meme Pool — Natural Selection at its Best

It is easy to find pictures of kittens on the internet. It is also easy to find videos of babies laughing, bad jokes, and web sites dedicated to and full of reviews of… Continue reading

Could Knowledge Change the Evolution of the Stars?

For a long time I counted myself among those people who believe that our existence, when perceived objectively, is all but negligible. We are small things, on a small rock, in a small… Continue reading

The Northern Lights

I struggle to imagine what it might have been like when human beings first saw the Northern Lights. Thinking of my last post on God and Science, I can see how early man… Continue reading

God, Science, and the Tension We Could Do Without

God and Science have long been at odds, and –in many respects– this tension is understandable. The claims they make, after all, often contradict each other in serious ways. This rivalry is usually… Continue reading

The Golden Cathedral

The Golden Cathedral, another one of Utah’s many wonders, looks like something straight out of a fantasy story. Having never seen it before, I wondered whether or not it would live up to… Continue reading

Slot Canyons in Escalante and a Short Story About Love and Consequence

In a previous post about the Grand Tetons, I touch on some of my feelings surrounding national parks. I have always been conflicted about visiting these areas, because for me, the presence of… Continue reading

‘Gone Fishing’ — And a List of Promises

Summer is here, which means that I will not be. There will be times that I will have an internet connection, but most of the time I won’t. So, My activity on WordPress… Continue reading

In-Between Forgetting — On Birth, Death, and Home

Homesickness is a theme that I return to often, and it is one I hope here to develop even further. Until now, I have really only addressed homesickness literally –as a matter of… Continue reading

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